Stock Music now available with the Screen Recorder

Set the right tone for your videos. You can now add stock music tracks to your recording directly from the Recorder. After you complete a recording, click the music icon to the right of the timeline to preview each track and then add music to your video.

With the Free version, after you finish your recording we will present you with a rotating selection of tracks for you to add to your recording. It’s easy to preview each track and then pick the one which suits your video best. Once selected, we automatically add ducking to the music, reducing the volume if you have recorded narration. Music will be automatically looped until the recording is finished.

With the Deluxe subscription you get access to all tracks and the option to add your own music. You can also use the Video Editor to adjust audio settings. Increase or decrease volume, set timing for fade in/out of music, normalizing sound tracks but using ducking and setting audio levels between music and narration and turn, looping on/off.

We have some great tutorials where you can learn more about adding stock music:

Stock Music now available with the Screen Recorder
Music Tutorial